Day 55 - Team thoughts by @HouseMapApp

This week’s ‘team thoughts’  are from @HouseMapApp.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless SpringBoard

Nine short weeks have passed since part of our team joined SpringBoard in London.  Each passing day we realise how precious time is and how productive is the silence.  Both of them are very expensive assets, with rates still climbing.

Time flies by and we still have loads to do.  The app is in the store, updates are waiting approval, algorithms are getting better and the new features seem really cool.  Sometimes everyone needs to take a break.

And thus, we embarked on an eye opening, life changing experience - we visited Richmond Park to see the wildlife.  We were amazed to see a herd of deer, just before sunset, roaming around freely, peacefully grazing and showing mild interest in the park visitors around.  The scene was beautiful and serene, it was surreal - unlike life at Springboard, one might say.

The fun begins a little bit later, after leaving the deer and deciding to go deeper into the park, around dusk. Things went pleasantly enough at first, it was still light out, there were plenty of clearings, and the wildlife was non-menacing.

This soon changed. First of all, the park was far larger than we anticipated when we decided to trek through it to the tube station on the other side.  This lead to us being caught by nightfall in the park. There was a little friction within the team as to whose bright idea this had been. This was quickly overcome, as managerial experience came into play, and it was decided that we carry on, having come this far.

After that, the problems just piled on. It was pitch dark by now, and before us stood the forest, an impenetrable wall of darkness. It was too late to turn back ... so we soldiered on. The road was muddy and slippery, we were cold, tired and couldn't see where we were going.  

We were also worried that we would miss the last tube deadline, but all we could do was follow the swamp-like path through the woods. 

We regretted using a flashlight almost immediately, as we noticed the wildlife scurrying around us, some mice, some toads, some ... too fast to identify, ...and with far too many legs for a mammal. Stress set in and personalities clashed; every decision was questioned; we had to backtrack several times and pivot once; blame was passed; every fork in the road became a power struggle within the team.

We emerged from the woods tired, hungry and wet, however, happy that we would catch the last tube, only to find Wimbledon park looming before us! It might be a while before we speak to each other again.

Now this is more like the SpringBoard start-up experience we’re thriving on.  It’s unpredictable, tries our relationship, but we seem to overcome all challenges (if you haven't figured it out already, we made it out of the woods!).