Day 67 - Capturing Hearts and Minds

Friday's upon us again, but the weekend isn't the only thing we're capturing. 
A huge welcome to Chris Lawson, recent Director of Content Strategy at the Guardian, who delivered a really informative and content-rich presentation covering multi-platform experiences and sales and marketing strategies.

He tripped through some of the challenges facing the newspaper industry, such as how to turn a one-off anonymous transaction (i.e. buying a newspaper) into a direct relationship with a community across multi-channels; how to engage with a new generation of intermediaries (i.e. from physical stores to online distribution); the importance of segmenting markets and ensuring each has a good (great?) user experience and to exploit as many customer touchpoints as possible.

He also discussed the challenges and opportunities presented by a variety of platforms including mobile (and tablets), presenting some magic ways to succeed:

  • engage users' hearts and minds
  • encourage users to do your marketing for you
  • focus on smaller engaged audiences vs large disinterested ones
  • surprise and delight users in original ways
Thank you for your time and insights Chris and for preparing such a comprehensive presentation for us, it was really appreciated by all.