Day 74 - Team Thoughts by @BuildGauge

This week’s ‘team thoughts’  are from @BuildGauge

No more Springboard.  No more team blog posts.  No more time to prepare.  So many things ending - the old company, the old year, maybe the world?  It might as well for all the difference it would make to us.  Coming to London upended our lives.  And none of us is concerned.

And why should we be?  Volatility has always been part of our lives, and by extension, part of our company.  We have absolutely no clue where we're going to be in a month, in 6 months, or in a year.  To say it's terrifying would be an understatement, but to say it's not exhilarating would be a lie.  

There are, of course, those things that we’ll miss.  The mentors, the feedback, the venue, the cohort of talented office mates, the amazing Springboard team (and their popcorn addiction).  Perhaps the most important lesson we’ll take from Springboard is one learned by both experience and being told as much: It’s the people that matter.  

It’s as much a lesson for life as for business, and I don’t think it was a new idea to anyone here.  However, I don’t think we’ve ever been in an environment quite like this one either.  This industry is one of genuine character.  It’s one where people are truly interested in your success, if not invested in it.  People want to help you not because you can help them, but because they want to see you do well.  In point of fact, leaving might be more difficult than getting here.
It’s sad, I suppose, but in truth, nothing really ends, it just changes state.  Our company has never been in a steady state, nor will it probably ever be.  But this is a good thing.  In less than 3 years, we've managed the company from 3 different countries and spent a grand total of maybe 5 months working side-by-side (including Springboard).

We've had trials and tribulations, successes and failures, blind alleys and brilliant insights.  Our team and our ability to adapt to change and challenge has ALWAYS been our biggest asset, and that's important, because no matter what happens, it's not the end.

Jon was quite clear in the first few days we were here: Springboard is not an incubator, it is an accelerator.  We're not being cuddled and loved and having our drawings hung up on the kitchen fridge.  

We've had some star-emblazoned crash helmets haphazardly strapped onto our heads, and we're being shot on a collision course with London, New York, and the Valley.  And while some people may mistakenly think that the hardest part of being shot out of a cannon is the launch or the flight, it's not.  It's the landing.  And it's pretty obvious that this one is going to leave us battered, beaten, and bruised.  But when it's over, and the dust clears, we'll be standing up - and we'll have made it.

At least until the 21st December.