Day 91 - Team Reflections

Final program reflections from our teams below.


Springboard was an incredible opportunity to spend 3 months with the leading minds in international mobile-first businesses.  Entering into the British culture and seeing first-hand that the social connection of sports transcends national boundaries was also beneficial for us to understand how big we can make ApptheGame - something that wouldn't have been possible without all of the pizza and warm beer.


Springboard was an experience that we will never forget. It's rare to meet and get to know such a splendid group of people who are all pulling for you and want to help.

House Map 

For House Map's team it was a great experience! We learned loads about the start-up environment, about ourselves and about the business. After 13 trying weeks we feel stronger, wiser and humbler. It has been an honor to participate along with such great teams in the Springboard Mobile accelerator program, and we are grateful for being able to think of such wonderful people as our friends. 

After a few weeks of rest and relaxation with our families for the holidays, I'm quite sure we'll be more energized and ready than ever.  This being said - Who is up for round two?! 


Our time at Springboard was great for both personal growth as entrepreneurs and for cohesion as a team. Working day in and day out with other teams that were facing similar challenges helped focus our energies. Springboard has assembled a great group of mentors and we look forward to remaining engaged with them in the years to come.


We had high hopes of time on Springboard.  And we weren't disappointed.  The challenge and inspiration we encountered exceeded anything we anticipated, and our whirlwind of international demo days was the icing on the cake.  We're now 13 weeks older, a whole lot wiser and full of energy and plans for 2013…bring it on! 

We Are Pop Up 

Springboard Mobile was an incredible programme.  Over the last 13 weeks, mentors pushed and pulled at We Are Pop Up – resulting in what we have today, Wired UK’s ‘Startup of the Week’.

And beyond WAPU, we watched each of the other teams go through the same process.  Honing value propositions, adding key features, and becoming great at communicating their unique offers to customers and investors.

Overall, Springboard has been one of those intensely formative experiences – the best thing you never want to do again.  Basically, Springboard shaped We Are Pop Up the same way Michaelangelo sculpted the David.