There are many different definitions for Internet of Things ("IoT"), however it has recently been described as the revolution already under way that is seeing a growing number of internet-enabled devices that can network and communicate with each other and with other web-enabled gadgets and services.

IoT has a number of common attributes including low powered, embedded processors with mobile communications to connect to the Internet.  These connected devices are typically powered by software delivered using a cloud computing technology.

Early indications suggest that the trends that have driven the revolution in web services over the last ten years are replicating themselves for IoT.  The speed and costs of prototyping these devices is falling dramatically and accessibility to a wider audience is growing rapidly.  This is further evidenced by the rise (and rise) of the Maker and Kickstarter Communities.

Springboard IoT will bring the core methodologies used by Springboard Web & Mobile to massive success with entrepreneurs, partners and also corporates that have pre-existing experience within this sector to create the world's first accelerator bootcamp programme for the Internet of Things.

UPDATED: Applications have been extended to 13 January 2013 with the program starting in March 2013.