Luigi Matrone

Luigi Matrone / Procter & Gamble

Global Brand Manager

Luigi is a former Global Marketing Manager of Procter & Gamble. Over his career at P&G he has managed brands like Duracell and Oral-B while developing expertise on online marketing. As of 2011, Luigi has started his entrepreneurial experience with Lovin’Com and Figmenta, working between Europe and the Middle East. Luigi’s aim is to help entrepreneurs unleash their full potential, developing top-notch products and services which add value to people around the World.  

Since the very beginning of his career Luigi has embraced the “online” revolution introducing in the same year of the birth of youtube, an online video content management system for his very first brand, IAMS. Later on he has built his expertise in Digital Marketing or, as he likes to call it, Marketing Orchestrated, and today he is recognized as a global expert within the organization, leading a program enrolling thousands of Procter & Gamble colleagues to bring the outside world inside the company and speed up the evolution of Marketing in what he says is “the best time to be a marketer”.

Luigi’s passion for entrepreneurship starts very early when at 12 he set up the very first “company” with a group of “crazy enough” friends. Today Luigi wants to support entrepreneurs sharing his knowledge, process-driven mindset and deep knowledge of “what consumers” want.

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