There are now more ARMs (chips) than arms (human) in the world. We are on the cusp of the 6th generation of computing – mobile computing – the first five being the supercomputer, mainframe, mini computer, workstation and personal computer.

Where Bill Gates had the vision of a computer in every home, we are looking at the reality of a computer in every pocket. But the implications of this next generation of computing will be felt far beyond Silicon Valley. As developing countries have skipped landline communications and have gone to straight to wireless communications, so these same countries will also skip desktops and laptops and go straight to mobile computing.

Whilst mobile computing represents a massive global opportunity both in Europe and North America, it will also have an enormous influence in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America where it will have a profound impact on their economies and social fabric.

Springboard Mobile will bring the core methodologies used by Springboard Web to massive success with entrepreneurs, partners and also corporates that have pre-existing experience within this sector to create the Europe's first accelerator bootcamp programme for mobile technologies.

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